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Java Games
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All Lights Asteroids Black Jack Blocks Break out Bridges Bustout Canoe Clobber Centipedo Concentration Cross Word Gopher 3d Golf Invaders Iqgame lsPong JDLunarLander Jonah JV Mine Laser Blocks Matches MineSweeper Missile Commando Moon raidlite Nibbles Pactag Picture Game Ping 2 Poker Rat In Maze Red Bugs Rocks Shooting Gallery Solitaire Star Base Tail Gunner Tetris App TicTacToe Torpedo Trekkieroids Tux On The Run UFO Attack Water Wermz Wissetris ...

Flowers Meaning
See the meaning or the language of the flowers:
Abutilon: Meditation.
Acacia: Friendship; Secret Love; Concealed love; Chaste Love; Beauty in retirement.
Acacia (pink): Grace.
Acacia (rose or white): Elegance; Friendship.
Acacia (yellow): Secret love.
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Love Check
Check and see your love life go to any of this group:
storage = best friends - agape = unselfish
mania = possessive - pragmatic = logical
ludus = game playing - eros = romantic
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